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Where To Find Your Coupons
You must collect coupons from your weekly Sunday paper. This is a MUST! Maybe you buy the paper yourself or you have friend/neighbors give you their unused coupons. Whichever way you chose to do it, make sure you get at least 2 Sunday papers with coupon inserts. I typically get at least 5-10, but you can determine if that’s necessary as you get more experience under your belt. Ask neighbors for their coupons if you know they already subscribe. Most people don't use them, so they may be happy to donate them to you!
Sunday coupons aren’t it…there are a large number of Internet Printable (IP) coupons available! Check out my blog to get up-to-date Internet Printable Coupons (IP's) and more! You can also check out a number of other blogs that will aid you in locating just the right coupon & sale in your area. Typically a Printable Internet Coupon will have a hyperlink attached to it, so that you can click on the coupon and immediately be re-directed to the site where you can print it. It's very easy - do not be discouraged! You do, on occasion, have to fill out some information to print out the coupon. Use a separate email account for this - you don't want the spam that can come with registrations!

Buy only at ROCK BOTTOM prices. This is a little tricky since you will only know the "rock bottom" price after several months of experience. From my experience you should never pay for things like toothpaste, deoderant, home fragrances, make-up, lotion, dog treats, frozen vegetables, razors, soap, shampoo, or candy. These are all things that can easily be free after combining a coupon with a sale price. However, its taken some time for me to find that I don't need to spend more than $1 on a 12-pack of Coke or more than $1.80 for a pound of chicken. Once I find a super low price, I stock up & don't pay more than that amount again. I don’t dare spend more than $0.50 on any cleaning supply, but they are pretty easy to get free and I have a huge stockpile to hold me over til the next fantastic sale.
Stockpile your goods. If you know you go through 2 boxes of cereal a month...then you need to be buying 12-24 boxes when it hits a rock bottom price. Cereal has a very long shelf life & there is no reason for you to buy 2 boxes only to find that a month later, you need to buy some more. The problem? Your coupon is expired and that great sale is no longer around. When it hits 50¢ - $1.00 per box..I stock up like crazy. I never have to worry about running out & having to pay full price. I shop at home - from my stockpile. Note: In order to truly have to have more than 1 coupon. You can only use 1 coupon per item, so 1 coupon will get you only 1 item. Stockpiling requires more than 1 coupon...which is why I always get 10 newspapers per week. I get mine for free from family, friends, and neighbors. I encourage you to do the same.
This couponing can be somewhat frustrating at times and at first is a bit time consuming, but that’s why I’m here, I wish I had some help when I first started..GEEEZZZZZ…. If you can commit to this for about 6 weeks I promise you that you won’t regret it at all and you will probably be addicted to saving money and if your like me, you will be shopping about 5 days a week just to see how much you can get for little to no money J your reward will one day be at the register and your total is $ 250.00, you hand over your coupons and you end up paying less than $1.00 ( 1 Dollar ).