Binder Method

I know that there are different methods of keeping your coupons organized, and it really does depend on what makes you comfortable, Personally love the Binder method ! all of the coupons are displayed and you don't have to shuffle through a slot to find what your looking for. Here are some pictures of my binder, I know some of you have seen me in the stores with it, it's really kind of hard to miss me with my bright green Book !

I keep scissors, post-its, page flags, pens and paper clips in my pencil pouch.
The clip board is great to hold coupons of items I am looking for at the store.

The pouch in the clip board is great for holding current ads.
Divider tabs to keep things organized.
Baseball card holders are great for holding coupons and gives you easy access.
And that's my Binder :)