What I don't pay for !

If it’s $0.50 it’s too much !

Personal care
Shampoo *
Conditioner *
Gel *
Mousse *
Hair treatment *
Deodorant *
Body wash *
Razors *
Shave gel
Make up ( all kinds ) *
Toothpaste *
Toothbrushes *
Floss *

Household items
Anything Scrubbing Bubbles *
Oust *
Dawn dish detergent *
Anything Glade *
Anything Air Wick *
Laundry detergent *
Dryer sheets *

Dog food *
Cat food *
Dog treats *
Cat treats *

* Means I get these items free always

These are just some of the items I usually get free, and as you know when we run out of the incedentals at home we are low on funds, I don’t know why but it always seems to work out that way, so I always have a HUGE stockpile of these items.