Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Todays Target trip

I got all this, the " Manager " had to come over and put in my coupons and I kind of think she made a mistake...ssshhhhhh because I paid $0.00 OOP for all this, thats right ladies $0.00 an my savings was $68.24, I was expecting to pay no more than $4ish but I was just fine with the outcome.

2 Bounty Paper Towells
1 12 pack Diet Coke
4 Tide single wash
6 Red Cross First Aid kits
1 Pretty Waste Basket
1 Bathroom Basket Organizer
14 Cans of Chef Michaels Wet dog food
1 Fabreeze Fabric Spray
1 Fabreeze Carpet Powder
1 Pack of Champion girls socks

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