Monday, October 18, 2010

How To Do the Nivea Deal at Walgreens w/o Beeps

There are 2 ways to do the Nivea body wash deal at Walgreens and not have the register beep and still get your body washes FREE (I did them both earlier today)
Deal: Nivea Body Wash for men or women are $2.50 each and there was a $3/1 mens body wash coupon in yesterdays RP and there was a $3/2 womens body wash coupon in the same insert.
Scenario #1:
Buy 6 mens body washes and use 5 $3/1 coupons… all go through with no beeps and you pay just tax
Scenario #2:
Buy 4 mens body washes and 2 womens body washes and use 4 $3/1 coupons and 1 $3/2 coupon… all go through with no beep and you pay just tax

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