Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Veterans Day To all who have served and who are serving now !

My Beautiful Daughter, Marquia Alana Cantu Served Afghanistan 2008/2009
My Amazing Son in Law Jason Michael Cantu Served Iraq 2007/2008 served Afghanistan 2008/2009 and more prior to these dates, I was lucky enough to have him serve with Marquia in Afghanistan.
Mr and Mrs Jason Cantu 2009 Afghanistan
Home safe :)

One Big HAPPY Family !!

These are the Hero's in my life, I cant begin to tell you all how proud I am of my family, the love I have goes beyond any words I can type on this post, but trust me, it is immeasurable, so I just want to say Happy Veterans Day to the ones close to me and to all that are no longer with us, Retired and Active Duty.....

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  1. How beautiful are they!! I know you are so proud of them. My husband is serving now. He comes home in June and I cant wait. He did an 18 month tour this time.