Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My OMG...Target trip 11/02 Under $18.00

This is what I got :
12- Olay Body Wash
4-Olay Facial Stuff
21 Olay Bar soap
11-Tide Laundy soap ( Trial)
4- Old Spice Body Spray
20-Secret Deodorant ( Trial)
3-First Aid Kits
1- Ride em Cowboy Halloween costume for Chubbs my dog ( 50% off ) I didn't need it but it's so cute :)
I did this in 4 transactions,
I first did the Olay face stuff used 2 $1 Coupons got back $10 in GiftCards and I paid with a Target Gift Card, this was a $1.82 MM
The rest I used 
12-$5 Olay/Secret Coupons
21-$1 Olay Bar Soap
11-$1 Tide any size
4-Secret/Old Spice ( Free Old Spiva Spray w/Purchase
1-$3/3 First Aid
My total was under $18 after the use of the Gifcards, all Overages were allowed, this took alot of time and patience, the Manager there does not like me so she hung out while the poor man at the register worked with me on this plan, ( I think he's about 80 ) 


  1. Wow, That's VERY exciting!! Good for you girl!!

    I can't wait until I'm able to get me some Olay!! :D