Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Walgreens Jingle Cash Warning and Heads Up

The friendly staff at my store gave me the heads up about a “Jingle Ca$h” issue that Walgreens is experiencing.  This might be a problem for the 3 day ad so I want to bring it to your attention and hopefully it will get resolved before then.
For whatever reason Jingle Ca$h (the cute name they are giving Register Rewards between now and 1/1/11) are having some issues. They will print however there is a slight delay. As a result, if the cashier starts ringing up another transaction before waiting for ALL of your Jingle Ca$h to print it will void the Jingle Ca$h and they’ll stopprinting
So, until this is resolved, make sure that your cashier does NOT start ringing up another transaction until all of your Jingle Ca$h prints. You may want to make sure the cashier knows about the issue prior to ringing you up and don’t move out of the way until your Jingle Ca$h all prints. Walgreens obviously knows about the issue (all stores received the communication about the problem) and is working to get it resolved!

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