Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Extreme Couponing on TLC ** See update in red **

Did you watch it ? what did you think ? Did you ever think that maybe these couponers are going way to far ? I would like to know your thoughts on this, please either comment here or email me at
Here are my thoughts on the show :
The first lady was very Extreme, I don't like to call couponers greedy but it is just her and her husband and they have several rooms for their stockpile and she made no mention of donating at all, so I ask, do they eat all of that food or do they throw it out once it expires !?!?! **UPDATE** Please go here to read what really happen !
The Krazy Coupon Lady, LOVED her, I know alot about her and I have learned so much from her, she is very giving and very ethical...her stockpile was within reason.
The Coupon Diva, I think that most of us can identify with her because we all started for the same reason, to make ends meet ! I love that she was able to raise her family for 34 years using coupons, and she really give back to her community... LOVE THAT !!
My Coupon, Although I do have a soft spot on my heart for Mr Coupon, I truly believe that if he gets together with the first lady they can toilet paper the world together :) he did such an awesome job, I was inspired by his trip, and so you know, his total trip was donated to the needy :) another thing that makes him awesome.
These are just my thoughts, I would love to know what you'all think.


  1. I felt bad for the first lady. Her couponing was very extreme and it seemed to be hurting her relationship. And it really sucked when her transaction got screwed up. I've had that happen but never to that scale, and wanted to crawl under a whole and hope no one could see me.

    #2 I was impressed that she took her boy with her and he really didn't seem to give her any problems for what looked like a longer than normal shopping trip.

    #3 LOVED HER!! I love how she was helping the other shoppers. I will show some of my coworkers what to do, then the following week ask them how it went. Usually the answer is oh I forgot to bring my coupons. GGRRR

    #4 Very cool, loved the huge donation.

    I started couponing right before I found out I was pregnant, so for about 5 years now. I loved having a closet full of diapers b/4 she was born. When she turned about 2, I took a break and we used up a big chunk of our stockpile, so I've jumped back it, and had to familiarize myself w/the stores again. One of the reasons I took a big break was b/c I had a huge blow out with a manager at one of my local CVS's. I still drive by the store and want to strangle him. LOL


  2. LOL I also went to Target yesterday, and profiled my cashier like I usually do, just like number 2 does, younger male. I get up to the register and they switched them on me and I got a young blonde girl and I knew it was not going to go well. And it didn't. She was confused about certain coupons, had to call the manager, had to rering stuff. They even turned off her light and moved ppl to other lines. And the kicker was it was only for four of my coupons. The damn herbal shampoo ones from P&G.

  3. I think it's a sickness of sorts.

  4. It was more balanced than I'd expected -- I thought they'd all look like #1 did (poor thing needs therapy, 5 years from now she's going to be in trouble!!) And I also feared it might be more educational -- thankfully it wasn't. I know it sounds selfish, but I was having nightmares about cleared shelves and long lines at checkout, stuck behind dozens of new couponers. LOL

  5. Reply to all: I do agree with all of you, especially you Dot :) I am a little afraid of the newbies becoming shelf clearers :( I really have to comment on Amanda, the first couponer, I think that she goes way overboard, she is getting over 200 boxes of pasta and her husband said they had enough, why get it ? unless she will donate it to the food banks, but she doesn't mention that...I donate sooooo much of my stockpile, I keep at least a years supply for my family needs and then I donate.
    I dumpster dive with both my hubby and my daughter Bailee, she loves going ! this is a huge source for me being able to get a large amount of coupons.
    When I want to get a mass amount of product, I will ask the manager to pre order for me, this helps him get his sales up and I don't have to clear the shelf.
    We are here to save money, not to make friends !!! I can't stress this enough, when a cashier starts to get upset, just stay calm and if she refused to take your coupon, don't get the item !! we aren't really loved my many cashiers because we make them actually do their job !! I have some wonderful cashiers that are so impressed with what I do as well.
    Couponing can really become addicting, so just be careful, this can cost you OOP ( Out of pocket ) money you don't need to spend.