Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In case you missed it ! Extreme Couponing will air again tonight at 9:00 CST

If you missed Extreme Couponing last week, your in luck !! it will be airing this evening, it's really a must see program, after the show, please come join us over at WUC, there is so much help to get, questions answered and deals to be had on this site....and you will meet some of the greatest couponers out there :)
I am really proud to let you all know that TLC has issued a Press release introducing Extreme Couponing to air 12/29 at 8 PM ET/PT.  They are featuring four serious couponers to show how they save the majority of their grocery bill with coupons and sales.  One of those featured is Nathan Engles founder of We Use Coupons.
We Use Coupons is a great Forum of people that either have been couponing for years or "Newbies" that come there to be educated on how to save and get all that they can out of their dollars. I have learned so much over at WUC and I have met many, many wonderful fellow couponsers, so please Tune in on 12/29 to see how we do what we do, and visit WUC as often as you can, join in on the forums, introduce yourself, ask any questions you may have and enjoy, I know I always do :)

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