Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Target Trip 01/30 $7.98 OOP

Here is what I got:
9-Olay Body Wash $0.98 ea ( trial size )
7-Olay Moisturizer $7.49 ea
2-Olay Moisturizing Creme $6.44 ea
9-Olay Beauty Bar $0.97 ea (trial size )
9-Secret Deodorant $2.54 EA
6-Scrubbing Bubbles Extend a Clean $6.29 ea
6-Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel $3.49 ea
40-Clean and Clear Shower Burst $1.12 ea ( Trial size )
5 Clorox Toilet cleaner $0.98 ea clearance
2- The Works Toilet Cleaner $0.91 ea
6-Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner $2.54 ea
5-Garneir Hair stuff $2.54 ea
3-Huggies Wipes

Total OOP was $7.98 after overage

9 Buy 1 Olay Bar soap get 1 Secret Deodorant free
9 Buy 1 Olay Body Wash Get 1 Olay Moisturizer free
6 Buy 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel Get Extend a Clean free
40 $2 Clean and Clear morning Burst, I got a $0.98 overage per coupon
5 $0.75/1 Clorox Bathroom (Peelie)
6 BOGO Herbal Essence
5 $1 Garnier
1 $1.50/3 Huggies Wipes


  1. Hi Tanya,

    For the free olay facial moisturizer can i just buy the bar soap that's in the travel section or do I need to actual buy the body wash?

    Thanks :)

  2. Reply: Hi Kimberly, for both deals I got the travel size, the body wash for the Moisturizer and the Bar soap for the Secret :)That is an awesome deal !!!

  3. Did any of the coupons beep? Which Target did you go to? Thanks.

  4. Reply: The Clean and Clear did, but she just put them through, go to the young girls, they are awesome, and I went to the one on FM 78

  5. I always have the worst luck with the young girls, and the best luck with the young guys. I also have better luck in the afternoon over the morning. Thanks for the breakdown of your trips.

  6. yes, thank you are Awesome!!

  7. i wish i had those olay coupons and the fusion razor, i never got them,,
    if i told you i am not jealous, i am lying =)

  8. Were the huggies wipes a good deal?

  9. Reply: Not really, it made them $1.78, but whenever I know I'm gonna have an overage I get some, this is one item I have to keep stocked up's not a bad price though.

  10. I hear ya! I do the same thing. Great trip by the way!

  11. How much were the huggies. I have a $2/3 and a $1 target coupon.

  12. Reply: They were $2.26, so that would be an awesome price !!!

  13. I would love to do the clean and clear deal!... But if I'm reading correctly the coupon excludes trial sizes. Is there another coupon that includes them? Thanks in advance!

  14. Reply: mine was $2 off any size....I'm trying to find the insert that it came from, I thought it was the 1/9 SS but I'm not sure.