Monday, January 10, 2011

Walgreens Manager''s comment rattles my nerves !!

Okay, I just left Walgreens for the Stayfree deal, in front of the Stayfree there was a sign that said " Spend $15 on Feminine products or other paper products get $2 RR and if you spend $25 you get back $5 RR, well I mis read it, it was only if you bought Walgreens brand, but before I knew this I asked the manager why I didn't get the RR ? He told me " it's because you used coupons and it brought the total down" I corrected him and said that I always shop the deals here only with coupons and I always get RR's , he said I shouldn't be !! What !?!?!?! The cashier standing next to him rolled her eyes, and told him that it's before coupons, not after !!! I looked at him and said " YOUR A MANAGER !?!?!?" he said Yes, I told him that he needs to educate himself on Walgreens Coupon Policy because it seems that both your cashier and I know more about your store than you do !!! He wasn't happy and said SARCASTICLY !! " I'll do that !! When we left, my daughter said that she thinks I made him really mad :) Whatever !!!! :)


  1. wow! sorry you had a negative shopping trip :( which one was this at? I ALWAYS have problems with my trip and get the eye rolls by the one next to HEB :( might stop shopping there and go to others ones...the people at Walzem are always nice to me and never had a negative experience with them yet.

  2. Reply: It was the one on FM 78 by WalMart, the old dude with the Harry Potter glasses. I love the people at Walzem, but they are so slow to put good items on clearance and I was told by the girl in cosmetics that they are going to limit coupon shoppers to 2 transactions a day...I have 6 kids that could come up behind me, go ahead and try it !! :)

  3. GGRRRR managers like him frustrate me to no end. He sounds like the manager I have to deal with at the CVS on 3009. Even with the glasses LOL. He always goes to greet me and smile when I walk in the door and when he realizes who it is he scowls instead. Makes me laugh every time.