Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WalMart retract's latest advertisement :(

Just our luck huh !? WalMart has done it again, I knew there was a reason that Ihatewalmart.com :)

"Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, there was an error in the printing of our latest ad, which stated that we will honor competitor coupons in addition to printed ads. We are not honoring competitors’ coupons at this time, and we regret the error, however we will honor competitors’ printed ads. You can see the correct coupon policy HERE."


  1. Ah that freaking sucks!

  2. Where was this posted, though? Is this the facebook comment from an "employee" named Regina? I found that one very suspicious, especially as I looked around the site and saw "official" Walmart rep reponses that looked quite different. Who is Regina? She never gave her official title or position. I'm not saying it wasn't a misprint -- I just wonder if anyone has gotten an official email from corporate on this?

  3. I just sent corporate an email. We'll see what kind of response I get.

  4. Reply:I found it on Facebook....Iets see what kind of reply you get :)