Monday, January 3, 2011

WalMart will match any competitors coupons !

Have you all seen this ? I have two of these ads in my possession and I will never let them go ! I do believe that this might be better than a coupon policy :) This will be awesome with Walgreens and Target coupons, I rarely shop WalMart because they give me issues with every coupon and it's always a hassle, Ive had a meeting with the very nice manger there and he wasn't able to tell me why the cashiers are not educated with the WalMart coupon policy and did promise change, but I left with little hope, that was about 4 months ago, so lets see how it's changed. Have any of you use competitors coupons at WalMart ? and how did it go ? I would love to hear your stories :)


  1. This is great news I can't wait to shop there with my ads in hand.... Thanks for the tip!

  2. i don't quite understand. what does it mean, i can use walgreens or safeways coupon at walmart?
    what do i need to have?

  3. I'm interested to know what "exclusions apply" means. If it isn't in the official coupon policy, or made absolutely clear, we don't have much power at the register.

    I have read about others using coupons at Walmart. Apparently, you have to hand over the coupon at the beginning of the transaction - they price adjust it at checkout -- then you can use a manufacturer's coupon on it. I've never tried, though. I haven't had many problems at Walmart, but their cashiers tend to be less knowledgeable than at other stores and not nearly as coupon-friendly.

    It'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few days as people start trying it out.