Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Macy's trip :) 9 pair of Jeans for under $20

I know my pictures always suck !! I do have a great digital camera but it won't upload my pics in jpeg format, so  I have to use my phone :(
This is wat I got at Macy's today:
2- Kids Jeans $3.47 ea
2-Womans Jeans $14.97 ea
2- Mens Levi Shorts $9.97 ea
1- Boys Colored Levi's $9.47
1- Womans Jeggings $9.97
1-Kids Jeans $9.97

I paid full price for my first pair of Jeans with the 15% off coupon, got back $10 coupon, and I just kept rolling it in different transaction.
Total OOP $17.82
Total Savings $199.98


  1. awesome deal! Did you use the 15% off on each pair and if you did, did you have to print one for each transaction or use the same one? Also did you just have everything at once and use the same cashier, or change it up? Thanks

  2. Reply: You can only use the 15% on the first deal because you can't combine the $10 with the 15% :( I really had a hard time with these deals ! I did 4 transactions and I had to keep going to different registers because not one of the ladies knew about the sale or how it worked, they tried to tell me that is excludes Levi's and I had them read the coupon, and then I said...tell me where it says that ?!?!? I was upset, but I stayed calm because it was worth it :)