Saturday, February 5, 2011

My testament to Arnicare !!

I'm gonna be honest, a lot of the times I get the big Money Makers for just that, to get the HUGE deal, and I either give the stuff away or sell it at my stockpile sale. I have tried the topical pain relievers in the past and they didn't do a thing for my pain, well.....I have cronic lower back pain 24/7 so I decided to try the Arnicare, what have I got to lose right ?! my hubby massaged it into my lower back and I felt relief in about 10 minutes, I was in heaven !! I was able to sleep free of pain. Then I got to thinking, maybe it was the massage and not the gel at all, so lastnite I applied it myself and I got the same result :) this stuff works so wonderfully !! I have about 14 tubes of it......I'm already nearvous that I'll run out ! 


  1. it's funny how your first think it might be because your husband messaged it

  2. Don't let your hubby read this! Just let him think it was his awesome massage skills. LOL

    I thought the same thing about the Activon when I got it for free at Walgreens. Then I tried it and I LOVED it. I got some of the arnicare too -- I'll have to give it a try the next time my shoulder is aching. :D

  3. I am scared I will run out of tylenol precise and I have like 20 patches and 10 bottles of the stuff lol.