Monday, February 7, 2011

P&G Everyday Solutions: Special Facebook Offer

Update: Once your on the page click on "Special Offers" it is taking forever and you have to keep reloading the page, but the gift is a $110 coupon book...might be worth it !! I just got mine and it's 12:50, I just waited for it to calm try now.
 P&G Everyday Solutions is promising a big announcement sometime today, February 7th, this is rumored to be going live at 12:00 EST, so be watching :) I personally can't wait !
“LOVE the excitement I’m seeing about Monday’s P&G Everyday Solutions Facebook special offer! Keep spreadin’ the word! Is it a coupon? NO! Is it a sample? NO! Is it worth over $100.00? YES! YES! YES!”
“Like” P&G Everyday Solutions on Facebook so you can follow them and know right away when the offer goes live.

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