Monday, February 28, 2011

Walgreens trip 02/28 I"M NOT HAPPY !!!!!! Stop clearing the shelves please !

This may look good and it might even look like I got a lot !! here is what I got:
4-Baby Magic $3.00 ea
2-Loreal Hair Color $1.49 ea Clearance
4-Motrin PM $3.00 ea
6-Colgate Total $2.99 ea
2-Nivea Lip Protection $2.99 ea
1-Playtex Tampons 18 count $1.39 Clearance
2-Tampax Pearl 36 count $2.34 Clearance
I Used:
1-$5/2 Loreal
2-$6/2 Motrin
6-$1/1 Colgate
6-$1/1 Walgreens Colgate coupon
1-$2/2 Nivea
1-$2/1 Playtex
2-$1/1 Tampax Pearl
2-$3 RR
Total OOP was $1.XX
I got back $42.00 in RR
Now for the part that is ridiculous, I went to 6 different Walgreens, only one of them had the Motrin and they limited me to 2, Luckily I had my daughter with me so she go two as well, and that same store had the Baby Magic. I'm really starting to get upset when I try to go get the deals and the shelves are totally cleared, someone out there isn't shopping fair !!! One of the stores told me that a woman came in with her family and got 56 Motrin....Really !?!?!?!?! that isn't smart shopping, that is complete and utter GREED !!!! I have a great stock of many different items, and when I have a large amount and I know I won't use it but I make money off of buying it, I always donate it to the needy, but with the RR that I get from these deals I use to get things I will use, i.e. Toilet paper, Trash Bags and other items you don't save big on with coupons. Please, if you know this shelf clearer or you are a reader of my Blog, Shop fair !!!! We all ork hard to get these deals to work, and when we waste out time and gas, it's very upsetting !!!! 


  1. I have only 1 walgreens anywhere near me and the shelves are always cleared by early sunday morning. It really makes me mad too! buy what your family needs and leave some for others is my motto. I love a good deal too but come on, that is not right!!!!

  2. totally agree with you! still have not found 1 motrin...they do have some more baby magic lotions by the walgreens next to HEB but no motrin of course :(

  3. I went to two Walgreen's yesterday in NB, the same woman was at both of them. The first one limited the items on the back of the ad to one/customer. The second Walgreen's didn't, she had a shopping cart full of motrin, baby magic, etc. I went to drop off my son @ my mom's off bulverde today, so stopped in at that Walgreen's, I was looking for the motrin & asked, a gal said they should be getting it in on Thursday when their truck comes in. All the baby magic was gone :(

  4. I only rec. one Baby magic, no motrin, and two crest tooth pastes. We only have one Walgreens in town and it usually is not stocked very well. Last week I tried to use the Purex coupons and couldn't as they never had any in. The manager did give me a rain check but only for four of them. I'm going to try to talk REALLY nice to my favorite cashier to see if she'll let me get more if they ever come in. Lynne D.

  5. Same here no motrin. I went sunday afternoon to 2 locations. I did get the tylenol precise creams so I was glad about that and the always pads you posted about the other day (i had a $2q from a mailer so it made the deal even better). Thanks for your site.

  6. Don't blame empty shelves on couponers. Thats Walgreens doing. You see there is plenty toothpase there. That's a great haul some couponer would say you got four and they didn't get any. Share your four with three out couponers.

  7. I can't believe no one says any thing about the stores not stocking items they are advertising. They rather blame out couponers. One Manager told me its just bait to get you into the store. He said he lose money on couponers. (thats a lie).

  8. I only went to the 1 Walgreens on 3009 Sunday afternoon, and all the motrin was gone, so I got a venus razor, and a case of water. I didn't even bother looking for other stuff. I had a good run at CVS for the toothbrushes, and mouthwash. It's a combo of both I think. The stores not stocking, and shelf clears. Really 58 motrin in one stop. Seriously thats a shelf clearer not Walgreens not stocking.

  9. How could anyone get 56 Motrin at one store, in one trip, with multiple transactions? My Walgreens rarely even has that many on the shelf to begin with! And what cashier is going to be patient enough to deal with that?? Why didn't they limit her?? (I actually prefer when a cashier politely limits the number you can buy because it prevents shelf clearing like that.)

    I agree with some that Walgreens is partly to blame. They're notorious for not stocking up on the freebies and even MOVING their location in the store, so shoppers think they're already sold out. But as couponers, we should take some responsibility too. I always try to be considerate and if I want more than one of the same deal, I go to several different stores to get them. The Baby Magic went quick EVERYWHERE from what I've read. :(

  10. Reply: 'Don't blame empty shelves on couponers. Thats Walgreens doing. You see there is plenty toothpase there. That's a great haul some couponer would say you got four and they didn't get any. Share your four with three out couponers." I agree that this is really bad planning on Walgreens part !! and I did speak to 2 Walgreens about this ! as for the Toothpaste, I got 1 per store, that's not clearing the shelf by any means ! And I will be giving them away to someone in need because I do have plenty. As for the 56 Motrin, I asked how she was able to do that and she said it took over an hour for the woman and her 8 family members to do the transactions ! If I ever want an item in that large amount, I will ask my Wags Manager to pre-order it so that other shoppers aren't affected, and they also said that the 56 didn't all come from the shelf, it came out in a box of 42 from the back! I stick to what I first posted, I can blame the other couponers who are greedy and bad planning on the Part of the Walgreens Manager!

  11. Wow... insanity. I guess that's why they couldn't limit her. 8 family members = 8 customers. Still... that's like 7 bottles per person. The other aspect to remember about this is when people do things like that, it only encourages the stores to set further limits on those of us who coupon responsibly. Kinda sad. :(