Thursday, March 10, 2011

Huge MM at Walgreens on Post Fruity Pebbles Cups

Here is what I got :
30- Post Fruity Pebbles Cups $0.79 with in ad coupon
1-Always $2.99
I did this at 4 different stores
Buy 5- Post Fruity Pebbles Cups
Use In ad price &0.79
Pay $3.95
Get back (2) $4 RR $4.05 MM
I spent $25.70 and got back $50.00 in RR


  1. Great job!!! I have to get to walgreens.

  2. Great job. Im new and just still learning and I like thisone.

  3. Can you explain how you got the 2 $4 RR? What were they from?

  4. Reply: Honestly, it's a mystery to me, you don't need a manufacturer coupon at all, you just have them scan the in ad coupon that prices the Kelloggs at $0.79, it makes them 5/$3.95 and you get back two $4 RR, one is a regular RR and the other is a Blue RR that gives you the rundown on the purchase requirements.

  5. How long were the register rewards good for?

  6. Reply: there really is no telling, I do believe it is a glitch.

  7. Girl, you seriously lucked out finding that many in stock at your stores. I went to my first Walgreens at 4:30 in the afternoon and there were 5 left on the shelf. So I got those. But every store I checked after that (hoping to run it just one more time -- this is my hubby's FAVORITE cereal) was completely wiped out.