Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Target Trip 03/05

Here is what I got:
1-Charmin Sensitive - $9.99 w/ coupons inside ( they only had 1 left )
1-Charmin 9 Pack-$9.99 
4-Swiffer Wet pads- $3.99ea ( Price matched with CVS Ad )
4-Huggies Refill baby wipes - $1.99ea
2-Excedrin Pain relief - $3.24ea
1- J&J Baby Bath Combo- $1.97
1-J&J Baby Powder Combo-$1.97
2-J&J Q-tips -$1.24ea
1-Champions Long Sleeve Shirt-$4.24 (Need)
3-Champion mens socks -$5.24 ea Clearance 
28- Good Life catfood-$0.70 ea
I Used:
1-$2 Charmin Target Coupon
1-$2 Charmin Manufact coupon
2- Swiffer BOGO
2-$1 Swiffer refil from P&G Booklet
2-$3 Excedrin Target coupon
2-$1.50 Maanufact coupon
4-$1 J&J Manufact coupon
1-$2.50 Champion coupon peelie
My total OOP was $17.46 after coupons and overages, and I got back a $5 Gift Card for the Charmin Deal

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  1. Great shopping trip! Your Target is cheaper than the forum. The cat food is .77 at ours.