Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Biore Cleanser $0.99 at Target after $5 Giftcart **UPDATE**

I have not had a chance to get to Target, and the readers are reporting it isn't working, it may be regional...there are two ways to see if there is a Gift Card deal, there will be a sign at the product and if you price check the item, it will tell you if it comes with a Gift Card.

Buy 1 Biore Scrub at $8.49

Buy 1 Biore Strips at $7.99
Use Buy One Strips get a cleanser free coupon (from 3/6 SS)
Pay $5.99 and get a $5 Register Reward back
Final Cost = 2 for $.99 or just $.50 each


  1. I tried this tonight at Target and it didn't work :(

  2. I also looked at the sales paper hanging by the front door and didn't see it listed. Is it unadvertised? Did I make a mistake?

  3. Reply: I haven't even made it to Target yet this week, did you happen to see if it had the Gift Card offer at the Biore ? This may be regional and not to our area yet.

  4. There wasn't a sign hanging at any of the Biore. I didn't even do a price check. I guess I was so excited about reading your post that I didn't think to look for the clues that show if you receive a gift card or not. When I asked why I didn't get a gift card to the cashier and the customer service desk rep, they had no clue the deal existed. They happily refunded my money and coupons! Next time I will be more aware of what I am doing.