Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Candy Land $3 at WalMart

Candy Land Board Game, $5.00 on Rollback
Submit Free Tombstone Pizza Rebate with any Hasbro Game Purchase
Use $2 off Candy Land Coupon From 4/10 Hasbro insert
Final Price, $3.00 plus Free Tombstone Pizza!

I am loving these cheap boardgames ! they are great to put away for those surprise Birthdays that we forget :) Or to just put away for Christmas...that way you can say that you started your Christmas shopping in April :) 


  1. where did you get the candyland coupon? I couldn't find it on coupons.com?

  2. Reply: There was a Hasbro insert in Sundays paper, it wasn't from Coupons.com