Friday, April 15, 2011

**HOT**Nivea Body Wash 8.4 oz MM at Target

I was just at Target to get some last minute things for our trip and I found the Nivea 8.4 oz cost $2.54 ea ( Not on sale ) the shelf was completely cleared of all the $3.04 Nivea and there were 3 of the 8.4 oz left so I cleared the shelf :) Coupon goes through, no beeps.
Nivea Shower Gel 8.4 oz $2.54
Use: $3 Nivea Womans Body Wash 4/17 RP
Free with $0.46 overage


  1. Reply: FM 78 and the shelves were cleared :(

  2. I didn't have those coupons .

  3. you said use $3 Nivea Womans Body Wash 4/17 RP???
    How did you do that?? Today is the 16th. Where do you get coupons ahead of time?

  4. Susie in our area we get a free local paper that we get some of the inserts early in and a lot of ppl don't want there papers.