Friday, April 8, 2011

My WalMart trip 04/08 Picture coming soon !

I have been contemplating on using the $5 Similac coupon for over a week now, since I don't have a baby ( YET ) and when I do, I nurse :) so I didn't really want to take advantage of the coupon. Then I met a neighbor 2 doors down that had a baby 3 days ago, she is not eligible for any assistance at all because she has a job, but she is among the " working poor" so I decided this is a great reason to use the coupons ! we both win !! That is why it is not pictured, I already delivered it to her :)
Here is what I got:
5- Fat Foam Hair Color-$2 (clearance)
1- J&J Q-tips- $0.50 ( Clearance )
1-Breakfast Griddle $10 ( Clearance) For hubby :)
1- Travel Hot Rollers - $5 ( clearance ) for me :)
17- McCormick seasoning packs- $0.50 ea
3- Red Cross First Aid kits-$0.99
4- Tidy Cat Litter - $1.77
9- Similac Formula $3.87 ( Not Pictured )
26-Similac Canned Formula $4.17 ( Not Pictured )
1-18 Pack Bud Lite $12.87 (For Hubby )
I Used:
5- $2/1 Fat Foam from 3/27 SS
17-$0.75 McCormick seasoning from 4/10 RP
3-$1 McCormick from 3/13 RP
4- $1.50 Tidy Cat 1/30 RP
35- $5 Similac from 4/03 SS

My Total came to $200.30
After Coupons my total was -$2.43 YES, that's a Minus sign !


  1. Is there a way I can contact you offline about the Similac deal? My junk email addy is Please email me, but let me know you did because I only check this email once a month. The question I have I do not want to post on here. Thanks!

  2. Reply: I couldn't get your email to work, you can email me at :)

  3. what did you use the 3 $1 McCormick coupons on? plus, those coupons are for any spice,herb, extract or food color, not seasoning packets

  4. Reply: I used to the spice,herb, extract or food color coupon, the seasone packs falls into the categories of Spice.