Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sad news for those of us in San Antonio area :( **UPDATE**

Well, I wrote to Foster Farms asking them where their Chicken was sold in our area and this is what I was told .
Kimberly just let us know that these are carried at the Commissary on Post, so I don't understand why Foster Farms would say it's not sold in our area !! so if you can get on base, get you some chicken !!:)
"Thank you for contacting Foster Farms.  If you are referring to our fresh chicken breasts, unfortunately they are not available in your area.  If you are looking for another product, please specify and we will try to locate a retailer near your home."


Teresa Lenz
Consumer Affairs Manager, Foster Farms


  1. i know they sell them at the commissary :)

  2. Reply: then why would she tell me that?? I will give you my coupons when I see you.