Thursday, December 9, 2010

$20 Olay Rebate Ideas Make Very Good Moneymakers!

Here is the link to the most recent $20 off a $50 Olay Purchase 11/23 - 12/31.  But wait- this rebate is good on all Olay, Venus, Herbal Essences, Secret, Pantene, Covergirl and Clairol purchases!  The $50 total is also before coupons.  This means that many of your Black Friday purchases that were completely free after RRs and ECBs also qualify for this rebate.  Go back and check those receipts to see if you've already totaled $50.  If not, here are some great ideas for maximizing this rebate.

Use the BOGO Qs from 11/28 PG on Pantene (on sale for $3.74) at CVS this week.  Buy 8 and use 4 Qs, then add in one gain dish detergent with the $.50/1 Q also from 11/28 PG.  Your total after Qs will be $15.45 and you'll get back a $10 ECB.  Hopefully you'll have ECBs you can pay with also. Combine this with the deal below and/or purchases from Black Friday to get to your $50 total.
Thank you to Cricket over at AThriftypenny


  1. Where did you get the 5 off 30 for CVS from your earlier post? I never get those coupons from my CVS card anymore.

  2. Reply: I got that one in an email, but you really need to start scanning your card and you will find some awesome deals, look at what I just posted, I save Thousands and spend pennies at CVS all year long !!!