Saturday, January 8, 2011

Today I tested WalMart $0.86 and a baby trip to Walgreens Paid $0.00

Okay, we all know how much I DON'T love WalMart, but I decided to see if I saw a change since I got all of those emails from them, so this is what I got :

12- Malt O Meal Cereals $1 ea
1- Colgate Toothpaste $1
1- Breath Right Strips $3.97
1-Large Christmas Box $0.75 Clearance

6- $2/2 Malt O Meal
1- $1 Catalina fir Colgate from Walgreens
1- Free Catalina for Breath Right from HEB

Everything went straight through, no beeps at all, I was very pleased and surprised, lets see if it happens again :)

I also did this little trip to Walgreens , here is what I got :

2- Aqua Fresh Advance $0.95 Clearance
2- VapoSyrup $1.42 Clearance

2- $0.75 Aqua Fresh
1- $3/2 Vicks

I know the toothpaste was only $0.20 and I only got 2, I hate paying anything for toothpaste, but I like this kind. There was a lady looking at it, and I gave her 5 coupons, so she got 5 for $1 :)  I paid $0.00 on this trip :)

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  1. Wow.. seriously excited about your Walmart trip. I can't believe the cats worked! Definitely gives me some confidence to try it out myself. Thanks for being the guinea pig! :P

    Gonna post the cereal deal on my blog -- I'll link back! :D