Thursday, January 6, 2011

WalMart emailed me ****UPDATE****

I just received this Email from WalMart, do you think he read the comment "" LOL


I saw your recent post.  There have been some questions about Walmart’s coupon policy and I wanted to offer some additional details.  To clarify, Walmart will continue to accept all valid manufacturer and print-at-home internet coupons with a scannable bar code.  In addition, Walmart will also match the price listed on any valid competitor coupons that include a printed retail price for a specific item (e.g., $2 for a 24 oz. bottle of Clorox).  

We apologize for any confusion.

For further details, please see our price match and coupon policies online:
-          Price Match Policy:
-          Coupon Policy:

Many thanks,
Ravi Jariwala
Walmart Public Relations

So I replied the following question :


Thank you for your email, but it is still kind of vague, I'm not sure what you mean about " sale price listed on any valid competitors coupon " I don't know of any " Coupons' that have an actual sale price printed on them.

Can you tell me if WalMart will accept Catalina's from other stores, they are manufacturer coupons printed with the stores logo on them, but they are actual Manufacturer coupons.

Thank you for any help you provide, I await your response,

Ravi replied :

Hi Tanya,

Walmart will match the price of any local competitor’s printed ad for an identical product right at the cash register.

In addition, Walmart will honor any valid competitor coupons as long as the coupon includes a printed retail price for a specific item ($2 off 64 oz Tide, now $8.49).

I hope that helps.  I'm not sure about catalinas - I'll have to check and get back with you on Wednesday.


Now I'm waiting on a reply about the Catalina's 

Reply about Catalinas


Thanks for your patience as I checked into this.  Yes, Walmart will honor any catalinas that say “manufacturer coupon” with a scannable bar code and printed retail price on it.


Did this answer your questions ? I'm still on the fence.


  1. do a lot of the competitor coupons ever say what the sale price is after the discount they are giving is?

  2. mycouponadventure - Walgreens coupons often do, as well as Safeway/Randalls. Target web coupons don't. So it seems they are just price-matching the discounted price offered by any "coupon" in another store's ad -- but I think they always did that?

    Can't wait to hear back about the catalina's since I've heard that some people have been able to use them at Walmart. Still, I'm afraid this will be left up to the discretion of each store (cashier, manager, etc.) So unless it's in the official coupon policy, we won't have much power at the register.

  3. That means they won't take "most" catalina's since most of them don't have a printed retail price on them.

  4. WT..... ?? LOL You would think they would take the stinking coupon...either way! Isnt it driving business into their store? Isnt that the ultimate goal? walmart has a lot to offer and their prices are good. They get paid back essentially + a few cents....right? I dont get the train of thought on these companies? Now I am know I am new to this so maybe I am wrong????

  5. Reply: No you are not wrong !!! Coupons generate huge money for these stores, for each coupon accepted they receive $0.08 to $0.12, times that by say 1,000 coupons a day per register, that's $80.00 times how many's a very wise move to take coupons, but they just don't get it !!!