Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colgate ProClinical Toothpaste cheap at CVS

It is being reported that Colgate ProClinical Toothpaste is clearanced to $1.24 and there is a $1 coupon in the 2/6 SS.  That makes it only 24¢, I was there yesterday and mine wasn't, but all CVS's do differ, so be sure to check this one out when your there :)


  1. Thanks for the heads up. My CVS had them at $1.22. Scored 3 boxes cheap. Also I noticed the cinnamon flavored colgate wisp 4 pack clearanced to .75. I had 1Q from ALLYOU for .75/1 4pk or larger and 2 Q from the 2/6 SS (I think) for .50 off 4pk or larger. Thanks its great to have a local site to follow.

  2. Reply: Awesome !!! I love free stuff don't you ??