Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My shopping trips today, Not to bad !!

Walgreens $2.69 OOP Got back $2 RR

3-Gain Dish soap $0.99 ea
9-Dove Deodorant $1.99 ea
3-Kleenex $0.89 ea
1-Goody hair pretties $2.99 Get back $2 in RR
Coupons used 
3 $1 Gain
9 $2 Dove 
3 $1 Kleenex
CVS $0.30 OOP
1-Sponge Bob Valentines $0.99
2-Loreal Hair Color $2.49 ea Clearance
9-Emerald Nuts $1.00 ea
3-Mentos $0.50 ea
1-Dust Cloth $1.00
Coupons Used:
1 $5/2 Loreal Hair Color
9 $1 Emerald nuts
3 $0.50 Mentos
Target $2.96 OOP
1- Pair of Mossimo Jeans $4.98 Clearance
3-3 pack Aero girls socks $2.74 ea Clearance
2-Up&Up Ibuprofen -$0.99 ea
Coupons Used:
1 $5 womans jeans Target coupon
3-$2 Aero Socks
2 $1 Up&Up Target Pain medicine coupon
All in all I think I did pretty good for less than $5.00


  1. I just want to tell you that I check your blog daily and that you have helped me score some awesome deals. Thank you!

    FYI: I found your blog though one of your post on

  2. Reply: Thank you Lisa, WUC is my home away from home :)

  3. Same here. Thanks for all your help!
    Did you have any problem with the Emerald nuts coupons? I believe the coupon says 5 oz or larger and the small canisters are not quite 5.

  4. Were the emerald nuts coupon from an insert?? Thanks your site is very helpful. Follow you daily.



    There is a printable one at the link above. and there was a q in the 2-20 insert. I haven't tried it yet, so these are the ones I'm going to try.

  6. Reply: I got the Emerald Nuts from the 1/30 SS it was $1/1