Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Second trip to Walgreens today $1.08 OOP

This is what I got in two transactions:
5- Mr Clean Magic erasers-$2.01 ea
1- Nozxema 4 blade razors- $3.99 ea
5- $1.50/1 Mr Clean from 5/1 P&G
1-$2/1 Noxzema inside 3 Blade packages
2- $2 RR
Paid $1.08 and got back $6 in RR
And I repeated the same exact transaction
I made an error on my first post, the OOP was not $0.54.. this is how it works out.
5-Magic Erasers = $10.05
1- Noxzema = $3.99
Total: $14.04
5/$1.50 for the Erasers-$7.50
1/$2.00 for the Noxzema-$2.00
2/$2 RR
Subtracts $13.50
Total - $0.54 for each transaction with no fillers.
I repeated this again


  1. Did you use any fillers for these transactions?

  2. My Walgreens didn't give me a RR for the razors! :( I even called the main number and was told that there is no RR attached with this item. Glad I only got the one!!

  3. Reply: That doesn't make sense at all, I would return them and try at a different Walgreens...when I was at one of my trips the Gillette RR didn't print, so I went to cosmetics to return and repurchase it, and it printed...weird !