Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Walgreens Trip 5/2 and 5/3 A little over $5 **UPDATE**

Thanks everyone for pointing these things out for me, I never went back and read this post before I posted it, so I didn't know how confusing it looked ! although the OOP is correct the the transaction orders are messed up, I used a lot of RR that brought my OOP way down, I had a crazy busy day and I really wanted to get it posted, but when you have 5 hungry kids and a hungry husband you tend to make mistakes I guess :( I'm not going to remove this post as a reminder that I need to calm down and take my time with things...this is something I struggle with.
This is what I got :
9- Cottonelle -$5 ea
2- Tylenol Precise- $7.99 ea
6- Gillette Fision Razors -$9.99 ea
6- Gums Floss - $2.00 ea
6- Bic Soleil Razors - $5.89 ea
2- Comit -$0.50 ea
2- Latex gloves- $0.50 ea
1 -Suave Professionals Mousse - $3
1- Revlon Tweezers -$2.49
12- Easter candy fillers $0.24 ea

How I did it:
1- Gillette Razor $9.99
1- Gillette $4 coupon 5/1 P&G
1-Gums Floss $2.00
1- Bic Soleil Razor $5.89
1-$3 Bic Soleil coupon 5/1 SS
1- Comet 1- Latex gloves 2/$1
2- Tylenol Precise $7.99 ea
2- $5 Tylenol Precise Manufacturer IP
2- $3 Walgreens Coupon ( May Booklet )
2- Easter filler -$0.24 ea
1-$4 RR ( about to expire )
2-$3 RR (about to expire )
Total OOP $2.87 Got back $9.00 in RR.
Then I got :
1-Gillette Razor - $9.99
3- Easter candy fillers $0.24 ea
1-$4 Gillette Fusion From 5/1 P&G
1-$2 RR from Gums Floss
1-$2 RR from Bic Soleil 
1- $1 RR ( about to expire )
Total OOP $1.96 Got back $5 RR
Then I got:
3- Cottonelle TP $5 ea
1-Easter candy filler $0.24
1- Walgreens Coupons from May Booklet ( Deducts $3 )
2-$5 RR from Gillette
1-$2 RR ( about to expire )
I just kept repeating this and my total OOP was $5.xx
I started out with $18 in RR that were about to expire and I came home with $26 in RR
I didn't clear any shelves and I didn't get any Right Guard Body wash :(


  1. It does not add up . just your cottonelle x9, gillette razorsx6, bic razorsx6 shd cost you approx $30 at the end after using all the coupons there are . So how did you walk out with $3 at the end . I want to do this tomorrow but it does not make sense . Please help

  2. Reply: I did these in 6 different transactions and I worked them so I wasn't using the same item RR. It took a crafty plan, and I used older RR as well, but just to get you started, if you use two $5 Gillette RR and one $2 Gums RR, you can get the Cottonelle, and if you use three $2 Bic Soleil or Gums RR and a filler that is over $1 ( That's why I got the Comet ) you can get the Gillette Razor, and you will pay penny's for all. If this doesn't make sense to you, email me and I'll try to help you out further. freetwosave@gmail.com

  3. My Walgreens didn't have the right guard body wash either.

  4. No matter how many transections you do and how many coupons you used you can't take away the fact that each cottonelle final price is $2.00
    So that iteself is $18 unless you had a very high value coupons .
    your Bic razors will cost you 6x.89 approx $6 after all the coupons and recieving RR .unless you had $4 coupons for those

    Let's assume you had 6 x$5 coupons for gillette . So that will make gillette razors free .
    Let's assume all the other items were free ,may be revlon made you a dollar So at the end you would still pay close to $25 in OOp . I am a number person and no matter how you do this it will not add up . To absorb $25+$3 you had to do something more than we know . Even your 2nd transection according to what you are writing doesn't add up . your noxema is giving you +$2 and your erasers are costing you 50c each after the coupons and all .it shd cost you $3 at the end and not just 50c . something is not right no matter how you add or subtract

  5. Ok so your 2nd transection makes sense . what about the fillers .What did you use for them ?

  6. She used the Comet and Clearance Easter as fillers.